Sunday, June 28, 2015

Mail Update

More mail landing in the P.O. Box as the month of June comes to an end.  I already received a few pieces for the Pink Mail Art Call (more of those coming in future posts).  And some of the other mail includes:
  1. Some Greek, summer time-time mail from Katerina Nikoltou.
  2. Peggy Eigler sent a little snack food inspired booklet from New Mexico that arrived in a vintage Dairy Queen ice cream sandwich envelope. 
  3. Mark Dean (aka Artist in Seine) sent an insane card from France completely covered with cancelled stamps from all over the world on both sides.  I can’t tell if he actually added any new postage to this or if he pulled a fast one on the French postal service.
  4. Virgo sent a collection of arrow filled pieces inspired by my own Transcontinental Arrows series.  The one card is scented with pine oil on the back – the smell of the summer forests?  I think this might the first scented piece of mail art I received.

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