Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Summer Postcard Series

Summer Postcards (12”x12” each)

Here is a new series for summer that started with a big stack of vintage postcards.  There was a good deal of beaches, lakes, motel pools and even a few cruise ships.  As expected, that Kodachrome blue dominates each one.  But as is often the case with my collages, a few unexpected things happen.  The play of all the shades of blue creates some movement, almost like shimmering water when you look at the art from across the room.  It’s a magical art experience that you just can’t replicate on a screen – you have to see the art in person.  And then, all those blue circles started reminding me of the view from a window seat when landing at an airport.  Especially in places like Florida or Southern California where very other backyard seems to be dotted with a swimming pool’s blue circle.

Prints and other items inspired by this series can be found at Society 6.

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  1. Looks pretty 'cool'! Would love to see it upclose!