Thursday, July 16, 2015

Midsummer Mail

This time of the year, I need to dodge throngs of Haight Street tourists to get to my post office box on Clayton Street – but it’s always worth the effort.  Here are is some of the mail art I found waiting for me:
  1. CeCe Chan sent this happy little gang.
  2. Andrea Roccioletti sent an injection of mail art.
  3. A new piece from Sandra Lefever – I need to frame some of these and make room for a little mail art gallery in my home.
  4. Fleur Helsingor sent an Oakland piece called “layers in the built environment.” 
  5. A new bit of intrigue from Gregg Biggs at the Museum of Unclaimed Ephemera.
  6. And finally, I wanted to show the backside of this piece from R.F. Côté for the upcoming Pink Mail Art show.  I love the Canadian comic book super hero stamps.

Keep the mail coming and remember, I need your Pink Mail Art for the upcoming show in Sacramento (see more info here).

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