Friday, September 25, 2015

More than Pink

Plenty of mail art has been coming in for the Pink Mail Art Call, but there has been also a lot of other great mail art in my post office box this month.  Some of the highlights include:
  1. Some Mail art via Burning Man from CeCe Chan.
  2. Jennifer Utter sent two pieces including one that was sent via Burning Man.
  3. Two new prints from Nico Van Hoorn.
  4. Gina Visione sent an envelope full of things that I might need to repurpose.
  5. A fashionable mannequin was featured on the latest piece from Torma Cauli.
  6. Kerosene made a Romaine Lettuce Print.
  7. Less is More No. 7 arrived from Helle Pollas in Denmark.
  8. An Oakland Garden Center piece from Fleur Helsingor.
  9. R.F. Côté incorporated a slide into a postcard.  We need to use more old slides before they all are forgotten.
  10. The first Halloween car of the season from Peggy Eigler.
  11. A simple but effective Change of Address piece of mail art from Julie Crossman.

Thanks for all the fantastic mail and keep an eye on your mailbox, something will be arriving soon.

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