Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Pink Links Preview

The response to the call for Pink Mail Art was fantastic.  We have over 200 artists participating in the upcoming show.  While I do not have the time to cover everyone, I have been doing a bit of web surfing and looking at some of the websites for our participating artists.  Some of the sites you might want to check out include these:
  1. Joanne Tepper – California
  2. Anna Hollings – New Zealand
  3. David Peterson - California
  4. Daniel Cordani – New York
  5. Matthew Bourbon – Texas
  6. Maria José Silva-Mizé – Portugal
  7. RF Côté – Québec, Canada
  8. Adrienne Mason – British Columbia, Canada
  9. Jean-Robert Beffort – New Mexico
  10. Marina Salmaso – Denmark
  11. MIM Golub – Virginia
  12. Esther Kamkar – California

The Pink Mail Art show will be at WAL (Warehouse Artists Lofts) in Sacramento from November 13 – December 10, 2015.  There is an opening reception on Saturday, November 14 from 6-9 pm.

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