Wednesday, November 18, 2015

City Hall

City Hall, 36”x12”, mixed media collagescape on board
Sometimes a collagescape is a landscape and sometimes it is a cityscape.  My latest collagescape is inspired by San Francisco’s City Hall.  This year, as I celebrated my 25th year living in San Francisco, our City Hall celebrated its 100th anniversary.  I had a view of the dome from my first apartment, back in 1990.  In those days the cupric dome was the patinated green color that can now only be seen in old movies.  After a lengthy restoration in the 1990s, the dome’s blackened copper was treated with a finish that gave it a luster that has now faded to a dark gray.  For this piece I attempted to capture the many shades gray of the granite that dominates the building.  There are small hints of the colors from the interior marble and statues as well as the colors of the flags that fly on the building.  And of course gold for the trim that decorates the Beaux Arts Monument.  

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