Friday, November 20, 2015

Just arrived from Turkey

When you plan a mail art show and send out a call for artists you have to set a deadline. I knew, inevitably, that some pieces would be mailed in late.  Well, I am not the DMV, so I managed to get the stragglers in the show.  We had such a big response for the Pink Mail Art Show that we had to even use a second wall.  The show went up last week, we had a great opening reception for Pink Week.  Look what was in the post office box yesterday — these three wonderful pieces from Turkey (from Meral Ağar, Hilal Turşoluk and Öznur Kepçe.  I won’t be getting to back to Sacramento for a while so we only get to see these three pieces online.  But if we have a show next year, we have the first three pieces….

If you are in Sacramento, the show is on view at WAL (Warehouse Artists Lofts) at 1108 R Street in Sacramento until December 10, 2015.

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  1. We are having the show again this year and these three pieces will be shown at the 23rd Annual Pink Week this coming November.