Sunday, December 20, 2015

December Mail

Christmas is less than a week away, my holiday cards are all mailed and some new mail art, Christmas-themed mail art and Christmas cards have been coming in.  Here are a few of the new pieces received this month (so far):
  1. Nico Van Hoorn sent some symbolic mail art – I think this might be a new fashion logo (I’ll be sending my sizes).
  2. Adrienne Mason couldn’t resist sending one more pink piece.
  3. Meral Agar sent some very wintery New Year’s greetings.
  4. Punkie Ebert sent a stitched bag of Christmas.
  5. A woven piece from E. Coles that has me looking for hidden messages.
  6. Angela Behrendt sent me a Tales of the City-themed piece of mail art.  Alas, Maupin’s dear City seems lost at times.  But just as I think it’s all gone, I still find some glimpse of delightful San Francisco-ness – like Sugarman, he is one of the men who still does occasional maintenance on my apartment building.  80 if he is a day, and riding around on an over-sized “chopper” bicycle.  So cool.
  7. Torma Cauli’s latest piece seems to signal the end of 2015.
  8. Katerina Nikoltsu send “minimal” holiday greetings and a zine of her meetings notes with D.B. Cooper.  I had no idea he was hiding in Greece.
  9. And Ren Fracture sent an “Office Butt” reminding us to get out of that chair.
Thank for another great year of mail art, or as this blog mentions my, “global network of artists who send him postcards…”   I feel so powerful with a global network, but then why I am so broke?

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