Sunday, December 13, 2015

Inspiring Paint Samples

Tickets, MUNI passes, maps, postage stamps, postcards, there have been a number of different types of material that have been used in my mail art and collages.  Now I have Meral A─čar to thank for my latest inspiration.  After the holidays it is going to be all about paint chips. 

Above (left) is one of my favorite pieces received for the Pink Mail Art show in Sacramento.  Meral used paint chips and of course, as she lives in Turkey, I like how they are all in Turkish.    As part of Pink Week, the San Francisco Correspondence Coop was up at the Crocker Art Museum where we helped visitors make some mail art.  We did an exquisite corpse piece that has been cut up into postcards and is now being distributed.  This piece (above right) using a paint chip is on it’s way to Istanbul.

Starting in January, I want to do some mail art incorporating paint chips.  I really like the idea of multilingual pieces that are all about color and language.  If you want to send me a piece of mail art using paint chips, you eventually will get one in return.  And, if you want to send me some sample paint chips, especially ones that are not in English, you know I will but them to good use.

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