Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Remove-n-Pass Mail Art

As a mail artist I have participated in and as well as started some add-n-pass pieces of mail art.  I also have postcards printed when I am having an exhibit of my work.  Quite a few times mail artists have modified those postcards and sent them back to me.    This time, instead of an add-n-pass, I am starting a remove-n-pass.  The enclosed instructions say:
  1. Enclosed is one my postcards from a previous exhibit.  Part of it has already been removed.
  2. Remove part(s) of the original postcard.
  3. You may keep the piece, or maybe use it in another piece of mail art to send back to me or to someone else. You may modify the remaining postcard if you wish.
  4. Please mail the remaining original postcard with these instructions to another artist.
  5. Repeat.
  6. Eventually, one of the recipients should return what remains of the original to me. 

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