Thursday, March 10, 2016

An Eclectic Mix

The mail art I receive can always be called eclectic, but the recent arrivals, well, see for yourself:
  1. First of all, I am grateful Virgo is persistent.  Mail art sent last fall from Russia got returned by the USPS (the correct address was used).  Virgo sent that one and another which arrived safely in an awesome, large envelope.
  2. Barbara Stasiowski received my Remove-and-Pass piece, sent a bit back to me and has already forwarded it on.
  3. Pia Z sent a valentine and must know I (yes I admit it), play the lottery.  I also kind of like it when a postmark “mars” the mail art – it some how authenticates it in a way.
  4. More envelope awesomeness, this time from E.Coles — the hexagonal, handmade envelope included a round, stitched piece as well as some paint chips.  I am still collecting those for future mail art.  In England the shades of brown are named Velvet Truffle which leads me to believe that Nigella must be naming the paint colors over there.
  5. Nico van Hoorn’s latest piece included some stamped cannabis leaves.  Just the other day I signed the petition for this fall’s ballot referendum to legalize marijuana in California.  Maybe one day we’ll be able to legally and safely send edible treats via the post – but not yet.
  6. A new wintery, rainy piece form Meral Agar in Istanbul.
  7. Some freak show mail art came form Kathy Barnett after I sent her a carnival-themed piece in response to her mail art call.
  8. Star Art from Katerina Nikoltsou
  9. One last valentine, this one from Angelique Evans.
  10. And finally, not mail art, but this candy wrapper arrived in the mail from a friend in Australia.  He wanted to shock me with the idea of vegemite flavored chocolate.  Dreadful.  Watch for this wrapper in out going mail, it’s now in my box of collage fodder.

Thanks to all my senders for the fun and yes, eclectic, mail art.

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