Friday, February 17, 2017

Full Envelopes

There has been some mail art coming in celebrating recent holidays — well, Valentine’s and Chinese New Year – I haven’t gotten anything for Ground Hog’s Day or Chandeleur (could we turn crêpes into mail art?).  Also, a few envelopes full stuffed full of goodies:
  1. Valentine mail art from Katerina Nikoltsou in Greece.
  2. A Blue and Green hand-stitched, collaged postcard from Rebecca Guyver.
  3. Kate Kaminski’s valentine mail art chooses a palette that defies convention.
  4. Barbara Stasiowski turned collaged canvas into postcards to celebrate the Year of the Rooster. This is my favorite piece I have ever received from her!
  5. Some belated Pink Mail Art arrived from Mailarta in Canada with a call for self portrait ATC’s (I need to do that).  I love all the postage stamps, but when is one of my Canadian correspondents going to send me a stamp featuring the Buffalo Sabres?
  6. ATC’s and more filled a fantastic envelope from Cuan Miles n South Africa. 
  7. And finally, two fun-filled envelopes arrived from Virgo in Russia.  That mail from Russia always takes a long time.  I imagine a postman walking across a frozen lake.

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