Thursday, February 2, 2017

New Year’s Mail

2017 is off to a tumultuous start and, while there are horrible people trying to cut America off from the rest of the world, there are those of resisting in many ways.  And just one small act, is to send out positive mail overseas.  It is always a pleasure to receive mail art in return.  Below is a sampling of some of the pieces that arrived in January including from Canada, France, Denmark, the U.K. and Taiwan:
  1. According to Cece Chan, Betty Made It!
  2. Helene Gath sent mail art from France in response to a show I participated in.
  3. Marina Salmaso is one of those mail artists where the envelope is often as much fun as the contents.
  4. William Mellott sent a map-inspired piece.
  5. E. Coles latest piece will be the new one in the “E. Coles Spot” on my bookcases.
  6. An R arrived form R.F. Côté.
  7. Maureen Forys sends a sentiment I wholeheartedly agree, we must dump the chump.
  8. And finally, preparing this for the year ahead, a calendar-themed book of tickets from Sally Wassink to get us through 2017.

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