Monday, March 13, 2017

The National Park in the Backyard

Even when I travel all over the Western United States it is easy to forget that I can find myself in a national park by taking a walk for all of 45 minutes.  Living closer to Golden Gate Park, I often “forget” about the Presidio — our national park right in San Francisco.

I have been meaning to check out Andy Goldworthy’s Spire for, I realized, nearly 10 years.  It is one of four installations he has created for the Presidio (details here). We started at Wood Line and then hiked up to Spire.  By the time we got down the hill, the building that house Tree Fall was closed, but we saw the latest installation Earth Wall in the courtyard of the Presidio Officers’ Club.   I had, mistakenly, assumed the Presidio Officers’ Club was essentially used as event space.  Yes, it is an event space, but it also home to a fantastic and free history museum.  What a discovery!  Before taking MUNI back home we had a peak at the brand new and fabulous Visitor Center.  I do love big government when we spend money on our national parks.

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