Monday, August 28, 2017

Art in the Mail: August

Here is a sampling of some of the mail art that has been filling up my post office box this month:
  1. Summery mail art from Virgo.
  2. An especially pink bird arrived from Stripy Goose.
  3. Pamela Gerard turned our recent meeting of the San Francisco Correspondence Coop into a postcard.
  4. Mail art from Tiina from Finland (but I don’t have a mailing artist to send something back).
  5. Punkie Ebert has printed up these cool little booklets/zines that incorporate both literary postage stamps and works by the authors.
  6. Dori Signh’s mail included a rubber stamp mandala.
  7. Robin Sparrow sent this incredible tactile mail art/envelope piece from New Zealand that brought me back to the children’s book Pat the Bunny. 
  8. Eberhard Janke sends out Call & Response, a zine compilation of mail art received — I love receiving these and really appreciate it considering the cost of printing and postage.
  9. Two new prints from Serse Luigetti in Italy including this Barbed Wire Poem.
There has been some additional mail coming in that responds to pieces I have been sending out, stay tuned for those.

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