Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Little Books and ATCs

This past month mail art was going out and coming in, including some great ATCs and some little, handmade books.  The incoming mail includes:
  1. A new set of ATCs from Fleur Helsingor
  2. Layered vintage from Jennifer Utter
  3. Two handmade, 3D ATCs from Amy Irwen
  4. Jennie Hinchliff is recycling every part of the book.
  5. I showed Barbara Stasiowski this vintage postcard I have where the person in the picture holds a book you can open up.  This is what she sent back to me.  Love it.
  6. Pamela Gerard is repurposing old postcards and photos.
  7. e. coles sends a new treasure.
  8. Monica Lee is making handmade books with postage stamp portraits.

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