Thursday, October 12, 2017

Mail Art Going Full Circle

This summer I started altering vintage postcards by simply adding hand painted colored dots.  As I started mailing out these postcards, I decided to add a step, and began to include an envelope of dots so recipients could alter a postcard and send it back to me.  Below is some of the global mail art I have received in return:
  1. Pier Roberto Bassi sent an altered postcard back form Italy.
  2. Pamela Gerard repurposed a French postcard that was first mailed from Orléans a century ago.
  3. Another set of postcards from Italy. Lucia Spagnuolo altered a local postcard plus another one that was from a performance art piece she did.
  4. In Germany Peter Müller altered a Tibetan postcard and then added another piece where some of the dots were made of crushed bottle caps.
  5. Susan Stewart sent swampy greetings from Cypress Gardens in Florida.
  6. Pia Zaragoza altered a local, but vintage, San Francisco postcard.
  7. Katerina Nikoltsou sent a piece she calls “Couch Time” form Greece.
  8. Karen Lindquist New Mexico-anized this punk postcard.  I love the chili earrings.
  9. And finally pink dots moving through landscapes in a trio of altered postcard from Anna Hollings in New Zealand.

Thank you to everyone for sending things back.  Now it is time for me to head to the post office and see what new mail art is waiting for me.

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