Monday, October 9, 2017

Welcome Home


When you come back from a long and great vacation it is always nice to return to a P.O. Box jammed full of mail art.  And that is just what I found upon returning from Mexico.  Here is a sample of what I found waiting for me: 
  1. I need to show both sides of Barbara Stasiowski’s latest postcard.
  2. Ed Giecek sent me a bunch of stuff including a Fake News ATC.
  3. That is a postcard from Eberhard Janke that made it all the way from Germany, intact, no envelope.
  4. A new piece from William Mellott with two new ATCs for my growing collection – be sure top check out his ATCs – they are awesome.
  5. A vibrant Island from Torma Cauli.
  6. Kerosene’s envelope included this little cut out figure, a new moon ATC and she knows I love all things map.
  7. Sometimes the envelope is the mail art, including this one from the Sticker Dude.
  8. Pier Roberto Bassi’s envelope made it all the way from Italy.
  9. An anonymous mail artist sent me something from BAMPFA.
  10. And speaking of envelopes, Mike Dickau sent one full of wonderful artist stamps.

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