Monday, February 18, 2019

Happy New Mail Year

Here are some of the latest pieces of mail art to arrive in my mail box.  New Year’s greetings, both lunar and regular, valentines, rubber stamping, zines, super tactile pieces form Turkey and New Zealand, postcards from Canada that survived the polar vortex and signs that Gregg Biggs is channeling George Grosz in the new year — I do approve!  The list includes the following:
  1. Maureen Forys– California
  2. Margarete Miller— California 
  3. Alice Lin – California
  4. Jennie Hinchcliff– California
  5. Taidgh Lynch —Canada/Ireland
  6. MiM– Virginia 
  7. R.F. Côté— Canada
  8. William Mellott– Taiwan 
  9. Gregg Biggs — California
  10. Jennifer Utter – California
  11. Meral Agar– Turkey 
  12. Melissa Wand— Wisconsin
  13. Peter Müller — Germany 
  14. Robin Sparrow— New Zealand 
  15. Cuan Miles– South Africa
  16. Ryosuke Cohen– Japan

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