Sunday, November 11, 2012


Jellyfish, mixed media on canvas, 24”x24”

Pictured above is my latest piece — more mixed work with old postage stamps.  I always like the effect when you look at a piece of art from across the room and, as you get closer, you see something different when you realize the piece is comprised of hundreds or thousands of small pieces of something else, in this case postage stamps.  As I was working on this one, something else happened, I added the row of Vietnamese postage stamps featuring various folk costumes.  As I kept working towards the center when I noticed the unintended effect.  As the circle was being filled in it was reminding me more and more of a jellyfish.

And I can say this piece is blessed.  The sun is low in the sky this time of the year, but the entrance to my apartment building is usually very sunny.  I actually take art down there to be photographed.  Last week, on Día de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead, I brought the piece downstairs to be photographed.  I also carried a handful of marigold petals.  On the Day of the Dead one of the traditions is to sprinkle marigold petals on your doorstep.  I do it to let my departed loved ones know they are welcome to pay a visit.  I stepped outside, camera around my neck, marigold petals in my hand, carrying Jellyfish flat and upright into the sun.  Immediately a butterfly landed on the piece of art for a moment.  I set the art down and then sprinkled the flower petals only to have the butterfly return to land on my hand.  Safe to say, I feel this piece of art is extra special – it’s blessed!  

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