Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Geo Graphic Mail Project

A few months ago a friend gave me a pile of postcards and postcards books picked up at various art museums over the years.  Many of the paintings on the postcards were nudes, from Mel Ramos, to Picasso to Hopper as well as some vintage erotic images.  It all lead to a silly idea.  I thought I would “censor” the images with bits of maps.  The idea was to create a series of geo graphic mail or was it geographic mail?  This week I mailed out the 50 postcards to various friends and artists.  Be warned, they might shock your postal carrier.  A few more can be seen in the Mail Art section at tofuart.com.


  1. Muito boa ideia...Tomara que meu carteiro tenha esse "choque"...

  2. I love these Tofu and i got mine today. Thank you so much. Have to tell you i visited Valencia St. on Oct. 29 but could not see your exhibition. It was Monday and the gallery was closed. I was very sad about it. I'll post picture of the place on my blog.

  3. Vivid Pics for my geography and prick.