Thursday, November 15, 2012

Victory Mandala

Victory Mandala, mixed media on canvas, 8”x8”

Putting up a window sign for President Obama’s re-election was a bit of “preaching-to-the-choir” here in San Francisco.  Our President received over 83% of the vote locally.  Still, I proudly put up the sign.  The other day it was time to take it down.  It just seems like something one should save.  But I have to ask, how much stuff can I save?  The solution for me was obvious.  Preserve the sign by using it in a piece of art.  Out came the exacto knife followed by the glue.  The result is the Victory Mandala.  It’s not only a  victory for President Obama but more, a victory for common sense, for our country and our planet.  And it’s also a victory for continuing to move forward into the 21st Century.  

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