Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Latest Treats in the P.O. Box

It’s nice to start the summer with a haul of mail.  This is just a sampling of some of the recent arrivals including some hand made books.
  1. Robin Sparrow sent one of her hand made journals from New Zealand.  A few antipodean bird feathers even spilled from the envelope.
  2. Phyllis Lucas-Haddon sent a hand made book incorporating materials from my sampling mailing from June.
  3. Sandra Lefever sent me a copy of the handmade book Secret #1.
  4. Mim Golub sent me an altered postcard of Monticello, Indiana.
  5.  I received a soft and fuzzy, hand sewn card from Amy Irwen.
  6.  Ana Marta Austin sent another card from Brazil with a Brazilian postal service stamp commemorating manicures!
  7. Another beautiful card from Sandra Lefever at Artlikeart in Florida.
  8. And finally, more mysterious postal charms from Pedro Bericat in Spain, a piece that includes popes and space aliens.

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