Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Winter Mail Bag

Just a few highlights (still more to sort through) of the mail that landed in the post office box recently:
  • Torma Cauli sent a card that included what seem to be Hungarian tax stamps from cigarette packs.
  • Stewart Charlebois sent stitched and fused plastic shopping bags on a card.  Note that we would be hard pressed to make these in San Francisco as we’ve banned plastic bags.  As the ban spreads around the world, which is better for the environment, this type of collage fodder will become rare.  In the future pieces like this will be really “dated” to this period in time.
  • Finally, Meral Agar sent this card from Istanbul.  The scan does not do it justice.  It’s some sort of acetate film/negative with layers of wash and white paint.  It shimmers.

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