Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Yellowstone Collagescape

Yellowstone September, mixed media on board, 12”x12”

Yellowstone National park has been in the news lately.  Last week was the anniversary of the founding of our first national park.  And then there was this sensational and misleading story that was making the rounds online – yes, Yellowstone is a volcanic caldera, but no, it’s not about to blow in a cataclysmic eruption.  The Discovery Channel probably doesn’t help matters.  All this Yellowstone talk reminded me that I have not been back in 8 years.  Yellowstone makes a good long road trip from San Francisco.  It helps f you have the time to take a few days getting there and back with a lot of stops. 

The last time I visited Yellowstone it was a September.  The grass was golden and brown and the leaves were yellow.  The park was near empty, warm during the day and freezing at night.  The yellows and gold contrasting with the “unnatural” looking blues, or maybe unusual blues, of the hot springs and geysers.  There were some of the colors that inspired this latest piece for the Collagescape Series. Not to forget those big, brown bison at every turn.

Yellowstone September will be shown in my Collagescape exhibit opening in August.  In the meantime, prints and additional items with this image are also available from Society 6.

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