Sunday, June 1, 2014

Postcards that Inspire

I love old postcards, cutting them up for my art and often, if they are unused, I mail them out as if I was touring around in 1930-something.  I certainly am not the only one who gets into vintage postcards. 

The San Francisco author St. John Karp took some of his inspiration for his novel Radium Baby from his collection of Claremore, Oklahoma postcards and other ephemera.  A few examples are shown above, and more can be seen on his blog about the town where travelers went to enjoy the curative powers of radium water.  Fortunately for all who partook in the waters in Claremore, they were mere mineral baths and contained no actual radium.  And if you need a good summer read, get yourself a copy of Radium Baby.  It’s guaranteed to cure what ails you, or at least entertain you….

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