Sunday, June 8, 2014

Victorian Collagescape

San Francisco Victoriana, mixed media on board, 16”x20” and repurposed, vintage frame overall 19”x24”

The latest collagescape is more cityscape than landscape.  I wanted to capture the Victorian houses that my City is so well known for.  I also went for the current palette used on most houses in San Francisco.  The palette changes over time, if you find a book of Victorians from the 1980’s, the bright colors appear a bit shocking, looking more like the set for a Thompson Twins or B-52’s video.  In their original state, more than a century ago, the paint jobs were far more subdued.  I have come across a few books written by purists who rail against modern affectations such as gold trim.  If only the problems of the world were otherwise solved and we could worry about what color a Victorian “should” be painted.  Frankly, I like color, lots of color (in case you can’t tell).

As a reminder that this series is about painting as much as it is about collage, this piece has been placed in a traditional frame.  The repurposed, antique frame is now part of the piece – they are meant to stay together permanently.  The frame itself was a bit beat up and was probably made about 1900.  A thrift store find by my dad circa 1970.  It had a tattered and forgettable print and hung on the walls of our Victorian home in Buffalo before spending over 30 years in a Cape Cod basement.  Now it’s come home to another Victorian City and found new life.

This piece will be featured in my collagescape exhibit that opens on July 29 and runs through September 28.

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