Sunday, July 27, 2014

Juan Vargas

Juan is both a painter and collage artist, also known for his portraits. He is what I call a true painter. Juan’s collages have a distinct painterly appearance.  They immediately reminded me of some of the landscape work of the Bay Area’s figurative giants.  A native of Chile, Juan has made his home in San Francisco for decades.  Juan’s work is undoubtedly Californian but with a strong palette that might suggest a hint of his Latin American roots.  Like many of us San Franciscans, we all retain a little bit of the best of wherever we got started in life. 

Look carefully at the work shown here – at first you might think they are paintings – but they are collages that incorporate wax, blending medium and paper.  Juan’s work is a genuine meeting of collage and landscape and I am pleased to include one of his pieces in Collage meets Landscape.

The Collage + Landscape = Collagescape will be on view at San Francisco’s Glama-Rama Salon and Gallery at 304 Valencia Street in San Francisco.
The show opens in two days and will be up from July 29 to September 28, 2014 with an opening reception next week on Friday, August 1 (7pm to 10 pm).
The exhibit will have two components:
On the main level, there will be an exhibit of my new series of work called Collagescapes.
On the upper level of Glama-Rama, I am curating a companion show of mixed media works, where the theme will be Collage meets Landscapes.

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