Saturday, July 12, 2014

Pacific Collagescape

Pacific, 24”x24” mixed media on board

This is the biggest piece in the Collagescape series so far.  It seems fitting that it is inspired by the big ocean, the world’s biggest ocean that I live only 4 miles away from.  The nicest way for me to get there is a good long walk through Golden Gate Park with a rewarding arrival at Ocean Beach at the end.  And if I need a reminder, most days a cool breeze kicks in and blows across my neighborhood.  Of course, many days and most summer nights, the ocean wraps my City in cool, gray Pacific fog.  Even if I can’t see the Pacific when I look out my window, I know it’s there.  I can feel it.

Pacific will be included in my Collagescape exhibit opening on July 29.

A print and other merchandise is based on a section of this work and available form Society 6.

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