Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A full post office box after my trip

Take a two-week road trip and you come home to a good pile of mail.  Above is just a sampling of some of the good stuff that was waiting for me:
  1. The envelope covered with bright Russian stamps had great contents from Virgo. I love the way he did a Collagescape as well – very nice.
  2. Adrienne Mason’s piece arrived from Canada including packing tape image transfers – which has inspired me to try this out myself (more to come soon).
  3. Not one, but two fun pieces from Dori Singh.  All this stitching makes me want to pick up a used sewing machine.
  4. The latest little book from Phyllis Lucas-Haddon reminds us all the summer is not over yet.
  5. Another stitched piece, this one with secret pockets from Carolyn Oord in Québec.

Thanks for all the fun mail – and now back to the store for some more packing tape….

1 comment:

  1. Don't you love a full po box? I trade with Virgo, Phyllis, Dori and Adrienne too -- small world.