Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Meaty Mail Art

As an artist, I have become accustomed to people seeing all sorts of things in my art – often ideas that I never imagined.  And, as an artist, I sort of have to let it go and accept that my audience might take away something that I never intended.  It’s all part of the relationship between artist and audience.  Well, for now, it’s my turn….

I always look forward to getting these envelopes from Italy stuffed with colorful, printed images from Serse Luiggetti.  The latest set was exceptional, and this very red one (seen above) is my new favorite.  I realized what makes it work for me is that it looks, in a geometric, abstract way, like a cut of meat.  And don’t let the name fool, you, I have a love all meat-themed art.   

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