Friday, October 24, 2014

Monsoon Green

Saguaro Monsoon, acrylic on paper, 15”x14”
Tucson Monsoon Green Collagescape, mixed media on board, 8”x10”

After my recent Southwest art adventure, it’s time to start making some art to reflect the road trip.  As a Californian I don’t always think about green being the color of the desert – especially as we’re in the middle of a drought.  But then I arrived in a hot and humid Tucson just as thunderstorms moved in, I experienced monsoon weather in the Southwest – they have had a wet year in Arizona and New Mexico and the desert is green.  I am also thinking back to the work of the Tucson artist Rose Cabat I saw for the first time in Tucson – the glowing shades of green on her ceramics are starting to make even more sense to me as I look closer at Tucson Green.

I have started some Tucson work with both a landscape and a collagescape.  More desert-inspired work to come….

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