Monday, October 20, 2014

Who is Dieter Haack?

23.3.1982, oil on canvas, 35.5” x 557”, 1982

I am always on the lookout for “new” artists – making discoveries of art and artists that are new to me.  I constantly am striving to improve my own, personal, art education.  I see the occasional show, stumble across an artist online, get a tip from a friend, etc.  Rarely do I find such a treasure that is virtually unknown in my circle.  I would be surprised if any of my American readers know the work of Dieter Haack.  Okay, stop reading and just go to his website ( and take a look.

Dieter Haack is a contemporary of Sigmar Polke and Gerhard Richter, but unlike those two well-known German artists, Haack is somehow overlooked in the United States.  I suppose the art smarties in New York, the gallerists and critics, and their circle of collectors, the ones that sit on boards of directors and open doors to American Museums, all have missed Haack.  I find that shocking.

I learned about Dieter Haack from some of his major collectors.  I feel honored to have some of my work in the same private collection with Mr. Haack. And now, it’s been a long time, but I need to get back to Germany for an art tour and see what else I have been missing….

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