Wednesday, January 13, 2016

New Years, Booklets and a Calendar

2016 is starting out as a busy year.  I’ve been buying supplies and getting my studio in order in preparation to start work on my solo show that will open in October.  In the meantime, the mail art keeps coming in, and the year is starting off with some good stuff including the following:
  1. Some big eyes from Sagebrush Moderne.
  2. New Years greetings for 2016 for CeCe Chan.
  3. A new years collage booklet from Marina Salmaso.
  4. A piece titled Nature 7 from Meral Agar.
  5. A new piece in this series (that I really like) from Nico van Hoorn.
  6. A New Tears collage from Skooter Fein.
  7. A little calendar in a handmade matchbook from Sally Wassink with the instructions to Burn on Completion.
  8. Art mags, a cocktail stirrer and other ephemera were in this big fold put piece of mail art from Dean Marks, the Artist in Seine.
  9. A wintery, New Years greeting from E. Coles.
  10. A somewhat racy looking piece of mail art in an envelope with an address window arrived from Angela Behrendt.  Well, racy until you take the fortune cookie out of the envelope.  I am so copying Angela’s idea!

Thanks for all the great mail and I’ll be making some more soon to send out myself.  On another note of all things postal, if you’re in San Francisco this weekend, you won’t want to miss the Vintage Paper Fair, it’s always a good source of material.

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