Monday, January 18, 2016

Outgoing Collage Fodder and Recycled Envelopes

I like to start the new year by getting organized.  Taking stock of my art supplies a bit of purging and a lot of recycling.  The collage fodder always needs to be reassessed.  Among the contents of the bin was an unused, vintage Pan Am barf bag.  It’s the last of a stack I bought for 10¢ each at a yard sale a few years back. 

I decided the best way to repurpose it was to fill it with some random collage fodder and use it as an envelope.  This one is off to France to the Artist-in-Seine (aka Dean Marks).  He always sends me amazing mail art and so often it is a piece that you can’t believe made it through in he way he sent it.    For example, there was the box of unused pharmaceuticals and the amazing barcode piece of mail art.

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  1. What a fun use of the bags! I used plain old paper bags to send off my old material and sent them home as holiday gifts for the kids in my art class. I decided to blog about it after reading your post! Thanks for the inspiration!