Wednesday, April 13, 2016

April Mail

It’s been a college-o-rama in recent days arriving in my PO Box.  Here are some of the latest arrivals:
  1. Returns have been coming back from my Remove-and-Pass series, Jennifer Utter’s was the first to arrive.
  2. Angelique Evan’s spring greeting incorporated a peep – you can never go wrong with peep-art. 
  3. Kerosene’s sturdy piece made its way across the continent from Québec.
  4. Diane Keys sent a new add-n-pass as well as this piece featuring the windy meats.
  5. Leap Year Mail from Dean Marks the Artist-in-Seine.  It’s always a challenge to find the actual postage stamp that was used for this piece.
  6. Angela Behrendt responded to my Remove-and-Pass series with some beer and, are those hops-based costumes, dancers.
  7. Bad Wolf Mail Art from Amy Barstow.
  8. Julie Crossman sent a postcard about her art installation at the Exploratorium in San Francisco.
  9. Brooke Cooks sent some mail art about Greg and a dog.
  10. Carol Thomas sent an envelope full of goodies that included a response to the  Remove-and-Pass series on one side and a fish with a hidden fortune on the other side. 
  11. Designer Cliff Roxburgh sent some one of his mini-polaroid postcards featuring some “public art I found in NYC” with the hope I would have a way to improve on it.
  12. And finally, Robin Sparrow sent a postcard from New Zealand.  It included a slide of some vintage Kiwi school kids.  Is one of them Robin?  After it got dark I realized the postage stamp featuring a glowworm cave – glows in the dark! Just another reason why New Zealand is awesome!

Thank you everyone for the mail, more going out soon….

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