Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Exchanges and Returns

Mail art goes out and mail art comes in.  Quite a few responses have been arriving in recent weeks, including these:
  1. Jemma Pine completed a mail art exchange form New Zealand.
  2. Some collage fish and colored fibers on a piece from Meral Agar in Istanbul.
  3. A photo collage from Marina Salmaso in Denmark.
  4. Pia Zaragoza sent a piece that features a Michael Jackson and Priscilla Presley rubber stamp.
  5. Jane Gravois is participating in a global “heart exchange.”
  6. Dean Marks (aka Artist-in-Seine) feels sorry for getting carried away.  There is no need to apologize for too much art.
  7. A piece from my Remove-and-Pass series went around the world.  First to Greece and then to Taiwan where William Mellott added an envelope of collage fodder and some nice ATCs before sending it all back to me in San Francisco.
  8. And finally, R.F. Côté participated in my Remove-and-Pass series and returned a piece.  I can’t wait to finds out where the rest of it went.

Thanks for all the fun stuff, soon more mail art will be on its way out.

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