Monday, May 30, 2016

Mail Art May

As May comes to a close, it is time to sort through the latest arrivals of mail art that have been waiting for me my P.O. Box.  Some of the recent highlights include:
  1. I can’t read Chinese, but I think Sagerush Moderne’s latest piece includes a medical chart.
  2. Suus in Mokum’s latest mail art awesomeness arrived the other day.  I like how it even compliments the Imaginary Landscape series I have been working.
  3. A new piece of environmental awareness mail art came from Karen Lindquist in New Mexico.  The one is about WIPP (Waste Isolation Pilot Plant) near Carlsbad where nuclear waste is being dumped underground.  There have been leaks.
  4. A magical mixed media landscape arrived from Esther Kamkar.
  5. Josh Dellinger sent what he calls Cyber Threat Art.
  6. E. Coles latest piece arrived in another handmade hexagonal envelope with what looks like the map of planet we are yet to visit.
  7. The scan of Hilal Tursoluk’s latest piece from Istanbul doesn’t show off the metallic paint added to the image.  It is even better in person.
  8. Fleur Helsingor’s new piece documented her robot making adventure after a trip to the San Jose Museum of art.
  9. After responding to a mail art call, Eberhard Janke sent a zine with even more for me to do.  As busy as I am, I always can squeeze in another art project.
  10. Finally Nico van Hoorn has sent mail art announcing he will no longer send mail art. 

I can understand how that could happen, it can get a little overwhelming (and expensive) keeping up with mail art.  As I am heading to a period of intense work for my solo show in October, I expect I will inevitably get behind on responding as well in the coming months.  I’ll be sorry to no longer receive mail art from Nico, but I just may send him something now and then anyway.

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