Friday, May 6, 2016

Mail All Over the Map

The latest round of mail art to arrive is a reminder that this is a global adventure with mail coming from close by, just over the hill in Noe Valley to all the way from South Africa.  With additional mail from Qu├ębec, British Columbia, Germany, the Netherlands, Turkey and Hungary.  As a twelve year old, I had a few pen pals, but it really has all come full circle for me.  Here are some of the latest pieces:
  1. Two pieces from my Remove-and-Pass series came back.  Both used postcards of a map collage I did back in 2003.  There was one from Torma Cauli in Budapest. 
  2. Another arrived from Meral Agar in Istanbul.
  3. A new piece of recycled material from the school kids in the Netherlands.  We are getting ready to plan the second Pink Mail Art show – I am going to be putting these kids to work soon.
  4. A marvelous little booklet with postal history from Pamela Gerard.
  5. Adrienne Mason also sent a great ephemera-filled handmade book as well.
  6. Kerosene (aka Carolyn Oord) sent a map-themed postcard that can even teach me a little French.
  7. Angela Behrendt sent a photo piece commemorating President Obama’s latest trip to Germany.
  8. And finally, a fantastic haul from Cuan Miles.  I love it all, and I need to get myself a Nelson Mandela rubber stamp!

Time to get back to making art and ready for our mail art extravaganza this weekend with the San Francisco Correspondence Coop celebrating its 5th Anniversary.

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