Monday, August 29, 2016

Ghosts in the Fog

Foggy Hilltop
mixed media photo collage on board, 12”x9”

In the northwest corner of San Francisco stands a windswept, foggy hilltop.  At one time it was so out of the way the City decided to dig up most of its cemeteries and graveyards relocate the remains out there to the “new” City Cemetery.  As San Francisco expanded, it was decided the land was too important for a cemetery.  The gravestones were removed and most, though not all, of the remains were dug up and moved down the Peninsula.  San Francisco sent its dead to the suburbs.  Lincoln Park with its golf course and the Legion of Honor are now atop that hill.  The fog remains, and regardless of the landscaping, nature encroaches on the park with its packs of feisty raccoons and now coyotes.

The Time Travel Photos will be presented in a new show at San Francisco’s Glama-Rama Salon and Gallery.  The show runs from October 11 to November 27, 2016.  Mark your calendar for the opening reception on the evening of Saturday, October 15 at 7:30 pm.

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