Friday, August 19, 2016

August Mail

Most of the artists I correspondence with have been sending me pink mail art, but other good stuff has been arriving as well, including:
  1. A vegemite print from Anthony Campbell in Australia.
  2. Fleur Helsingor has turned one of her photos of an artsy Oakland trashcan into a postcard.
  3. Marina Salmaso sent a very happy pit bull piece of mail art.
  4. A new card from R.F. Côté – I always love both sides of his work.
  5. A John Wayne card from Joshua A. Dellinger.
  6. Cuan Miles sent two postcards as well as some ATCs in a mailing form South Africa.
  7. Jeniffer Utter wonders how much she can get for $4.00 (in San Francisco you can barely get a cup of coffee).
  8. Ryosuke Cohen sent a big print made out of other mail artists’ stamps.
Thank you for the mail art, and if you have not responded to the Call for Pink Mail Art yet, the deadline is October 15, 2016 (link here).

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