Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Mail Art Rules

Ideally I like to send mail art as a postcard and hope each piece makes it safely through all the postal handling, by humans and machines.  It is risky, as you can never be sure what will happen before the recipient receives their mail.  There are some purists who insist that all mail art is sent this way.  While I am not so orthodox in my approach, I prefer that the pieces for the pink mail art show are sent as postcards.  I also realize it is not always practical.  Robin Sparrow opted for the clear plastic sleeve to reveal and protect the contents.  And, what a surprise, when I realized you could open up her mail and reveal even more.  Frankie Vanity wrote a note on the back of the postcard explaining that the post office requested it be packaged.  All that resin could not blunt those sharp edges, and I don’t mind because I like the piece and am glad it arrived safely.  Max Marchol sent this exquisite pink desert landscape that alas, got a bit scuffed up on the way to San Francisco.  This one I wish had come in an envelope.  But, when you stick in the mailbox, every artist knows the risks….

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