Thursday, May 29, 2014

Hidden Collagescape

Hidden Landscape, 12”x24” mixed media on wood panel

The Collagescape series could be described as a culmination of years of my previous work.  It’s where my landscape painting and my collage work meet.  As I have been working on the series, I have been conscious of wanting to include some previous themes my work has focused on.  For example, there is a map-specific piece included in the series.  I also wanted to have a text rich piece in the series.  The results are shown above.  And keeping with the landscape theme, look carefully, you will find hidden words related to geography, geology and landscapes in general. 

There was also another influence on this particular piece.  Recently, I was surfing through art blogs and I discovered Alighiero Boetti.  I had seen a few images of his woven maps previously, but I really had not looked closely.  When I saw some text-oriented pieces, it got me looking closer.  My reaction was, “Why don’t I know this artist’s work already?”   I’m getting caught up.  As this piece was drying, I was at the library picking up a few books I borrowed via interlibrary loan.  Wow! Alighiero Boetti has joined the list of some of my favorite artists.

Hidden Landscape will be included in my Collagescape exhibit, July 29 through September 28, 2014.

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