Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mount Diablo Collagescape

Mount Diablo, mixed media on board, 10”x8” and repurposed, vintage frame overall 14”x12”

Even after a dry winter, Mount Diablo is the land of California Poppies right now.  Perhaps not as green as most springs, but it’s still quite impressive.  I got out there last week to see some spring wildflowers and the natural recovery after last year’s massive wildfire.  As always, Mount Diablo did not disappoint. 

Wanting to stress that collagescapes are as much paintings as collages, I plan to place some of them in more traditional frames.  But this piece is not framed per se.  Rather, the repurposed, vintage frame is now part of the piece – they are meant to stay together permanently.  The frame itself was a bit beat up, garbage picked a few years ago and now recycled which is fitting as so much of my art has always included recycled materials.  The verdant California spring with bursts of poppies in a gold frame is also a nod to two great California artists – Arthur and Lucia Mathews. 

This piece will be shown in my collagescape exhibit opening July 29.

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