Sunday, May 11, 2014

Spring Mail

A sampling of the mail that has arrived this spring:

  1. A follow up to, Mark Dean’s Electronic Beer Mat earlier this year – this one solar one arrived in April.  I am trying to charge it in the sun.
  2. Diane Keys sent me what she calls “Motivational Trash.”  No, it’s a keeper, not trash by any means.
  3. A new print from Nico Van Hoorn in the Netherlands.
  4. Pamela Gerard sent a French Postcard from just over Liberty Hill in Noe Valley.
  5. And from Minnesota a box inside a box from Amy Irwen – and in the little box, a series of little eyes.   Is my mail watching me?


  1. You got some good mail going on -- love the little box with the eyes!

  2. Happy the solar one arrived. I also tried to make it work, and discovered that it only charges when you are drinking. (I guess like wives with credit cards!)