Friday, July 1, 2016

June Mail

June has been a busy month getting ready for two big shows this fall as well as sending out mail art including pieces for a number of upcoming mail art shows.  The first pink mail art already arrived and along with that, these are a few of the other highlights from June:
  1. Torma Cauli’s latest piece is rather “mappish” and feels like a response to the Other Dimensions Landscape series I have been sending out.
  2. MIM sent an altered postcard of the Bay Bridge with some manicure action going on.
  3. Jennie Hinchcliff wants me to “Question Everything.”  She knows me well (really, she does).
  4. Meral Agar sent a print from her Ruins series and a bookmark-shaped piece.  Am I allowed to use it as a bookmark? 
  5. R.F. Côté latest piece included a rubber stamp of the screaming trumpet.  If I were going to stamp my mail with a politician, I’d prefer Hunky Justin myself.
  6. Heather Ferguson is creating mail art celebrating 25 years of Griffin and Sabine.
  7. Kerosene is exploring flocked mail art.  It’s like a piece of a 1970’s dining room.
  8. From Denmark comes Marina Salmaso’s altered postcard in a re-purposed coffee bag.  That made for some pleasant smelling mail art indeed.
  9. William Mellott is collaging his neighborhood map.  Are the streets of Taiwan paved with teal colored foil?  That would be marvelous.
  10. And finally, a rather amazing handmade, fold out book arrived from E.Coles in England.  It is currently displayed on one of my white shelves (see below).  Yes, I color-coordinate my books.

Thanks for all the great mail and I look forward to seeing a summer of pink in the PO Box.

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