Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Summer Mail

Pink Mail Art has been arriving for the upcoming show, but I also have been receiving some other great pieces in the mail, including an amazing book from Gregg Biggs, this month’s mail includes:
  1. Some of the wurst mail (har har) was this hand-stitched sausage from Angela Behrendt in Germany.
  2. The Gryphon Building on Telegraph Avenue in Oakland is featured on Fleur Helsingor’s latest piece.
  3. CeCe Chan has some done some seriously recycled mail art.
  4. A print from William Mellot.
  5. Some Dada Mail Art from J. Block.
  6. “Podium” is the title of the latest piece received from Joshua A. Dellinger.
  7. C. Mehrl Bennnett sent an Eye Rush Press zine and some artist stamps.
  8. Gregg Biggs sent a postcard of the Bad Rooster – a new stop-motion animation project he is working on.
  9. And finally, Gregg Biggs sent A Dispatch from the Impossible City.  A handmade book of prints of modified photos of his Mission District neighborhood.

Not mail art, but speaking of books, be sure to check out Making Art from Maps, a new book that features some of my own map-themed artwork.

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