Saturday, November 5, 2016

A Very Pink Art Opening

Yesterday we arrived in Sacramento and spent the afternoon installing the 400 pieces of pink mail art received for this year’s, 23rd Annual Pink Week.   As we blistered our thumbs pressing in all those pushpins, it was amazing watching the space transform into walls of pinkness.  That evening was First Friday in Sacramento and we had a busy opening that included quite a few local artists who mailed in handmade pink postcards for the show.  Thank you again to everyone who participated and helped make the show happen, including our hosts at WAL and to Gioia Fonda, the incredible force behind Pink Week.

The show will remain on exhibit through November 30 at Warehouse Artists Lofts (WAL), 1104 R Street, Sacramento, California.  If you cannot get to Sacramento, you can still view the pieces on flickr and pinterest. 

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