Wednesday, November 2, 2016

How to Hang Mail Art

On Friday we will be installing 400 pieces of original, postcard-size pink mail art.  The art was made by artists of all ages from around the world including 21 states and 34 countries.  If it were possible, we would hang each postcard, mounted between glass, in a space where visitors could view the work from both sides.  Ideally many pieces should be displayed where both sides can be appreciated.  But, like with most mail art exhibits, the curators have to come figure out different ways to display the work.  I was recently in a mail art show in France where they opted to clip the art to dangling pieces of string.  At WAL we will securely mount the mail art with pushpins.

I still wanted to hang a handful of pieces so they could be seen from both sides.  This one from the artist Snappy up in British Columbia is a good example.  He sent his piece secure in a cellophane envelope and that is where it will stay for the show.  Those delicate, pinkified models boys will remain safe from the grabby hands of the hoi polloi.  My trusted grommet maker and some pink chains from Cliff’s Variety will secure a few pieces to the wall, yet visitors will be able to handle them and appreciate them front-and-back.

The opening reception for Pink Week is on Friday, November 4, from 6-9 p.m.  The show will remain on exhibit through November 30.Warehouse Artists Lofts (WAL), 1104 R Street, Sacramento, California

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