Friday, November 18, 2016

No place like home….

So many people travel all over the world and yet never visit places near their homes.  And I have to confess that I am guilty as well.  The San Francisco Maritime National Historic Park is awesome.   But its proximity to the ticky tackiness of Fisherman’s Wharf keeps most of us locals away.  Yesterday was a quiet and sunny day in San Francisco and a good day to sneak over there and play tourist-at-home.  This was my first time in the Aquatic Park Bathhouse – an art deco landmark that is now part of the museum.  It features interesting exhibits, Sargent Johnson sculpture and beautiful WPA era murals by Hilaire Hiler.  Hiler had a fascinating biography that begs to be a movie.  As well as an artist he was a color theorist.  The ceiling of one of the large rooms in the bathhouse has his Prismatarium mural – a giant color wheel on the ceiling!

So there you have it, waiting for me to discover after a MUNI ride across town, a really nice museum with one of the most unique murals I have ever seen.  And, it is even free admission.

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